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IOC Certificate in Drugs in Sport

Course Aim

This IOC professional certificate course will train and equip healthcare professionals and those working in the anti-doping field to advise and support athletes to make the best choices regarding effective clinical drug options while ensuring compliance with the rules of the World Anti-Doping Code (WADC), sports federations, and national anti-doping agencies. It will also empower them to become educators and supporters to athletes and other athlete support personnel on anti-doping and clean sport matters, including the safe and informed selection of medications and supplements.

The course will introduce healthcare providers and anti-doping professionals to the key concepts relating to drug use and misuse in sport; how the problem is being tackled internationally through new research and surveillance; the role of healthcare providers in preventing doping in sport and how they can make a significant contribution at major sporting events and in the ongoing care of athletes. Current evidence-based clinical approaches to the prescription of medications and to supplement use in sports medicine will be addressed, with specific reference to recent relevant IOC consensus statements. The unique considerations relating to anti-doping for para-sports and athletes with disabilities will be addressed specifically throughout the course.

The course will include 24 lectures that can be downloaded or watched online: each lecture lasts about 30-60 minutes, across seven module topics. Students will also be directed to a selection of mandatory and recommended reading from various reference sources. The official course reference text Drugs in Sport 7th edition (Routledge) will be provided to all students.



  • Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and physiotherapists, especially those working in a sport setting and those who administer, prescribe or advise on drugs and supplements

  • Graduates of existing IOC physiotherapy or IOC sports medicine diploma programs who require a more in-depth knowledge of anti-doping and drugs in sport

  • Major Games (including Olympic and Paralympic) Organizing Committee medical and anti-doping workforce, including volunteer and management staff

  • Healthcare professionals working with athletes and sport teams

  • Anti-doping organisations’ workforce


Requirements for acceptance to the course

Students must hold a relevant undergraduate degree in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, sports science, or an allied health science. They must be eligible to practice in their profession, and, where appropriate, registered with their national healthcare regulatory agency. Individuals able to demonstrate professional experience of working in the anti-doping environment may also be considered for admission.

English language proficiency is required.


Course Directors

Mr Mark Stuart (UK, Australia) Prof David Mottram (UK)


Academic Advisory Board

Dr Cheri Blauwet (USA), Dr Richard Budgett (Switzerland), Dr Matt Fedoruk (USA), Dr Vidya Mohamed Ali (Qatar), Dr Alan Vernec (Canada)



Lectures will be contributed by world-leading experts in the field, representing the best available expertise in the field.


Application for admission to the program

The first intake of students is planned for July 2018 and applications for admission will be accepted soon

If you wish to register interest in the program, please provide the information requested below and we will notify you when applications will be accepted.