Class of 2017

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Lulwah Alarmali

City & country of residence
Surra, Kuwait

My work
Consultant and Clinical Dietitian/ Manager of a food and nutrition company.

My current sports nutrition practice
I work with athletes to improve performance and body composition by customizing macro- and micro-nutrient intake. I am a Bioprint practitioner, and utilize the system to pinpoint hormonal disruptions that affect corresponding fat sites, inflammation, and

My goals in sports nutrition
I would love to work with athletes at an international level to provide optimal nutrition for optimal performance and body composition. I would like to be able to cover all aspects of sports nutrition, from sports-specific macronutrient requirements to su

My own sporting background
I used to play volleyball, soccer, and tennis. I recently competed in crossfit but stopped due to an injury. I currently do strength and conditioning, and my favorite training is olympic weight lifting.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
I was competing at Crossfit Asia Regionals, and one of the workouts required muscle ups, which no female in our team could do. I had been practicing for three weeks but just couldn't get it. I'm a visual learner so during the workout in the competition it

My favourite foods
A traditional Kuwaiti dish called machboos

Other things of interest about me
Adventure, travelling, reading, animals

Highlights of my year
Seeing the things Ive worked for pay off.