Class of 2010

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Valerie Houghton

City & country of residence
Middlesex, United Kingdom

My work
RD practising as a nutrition consultant in an outpatient expatriate clinic in Baku, Azerbaijan.

My current sports nutrition practice
In the process of earing 1500 credit hours to qualify to take the sports dietitian exam. Involving myself in public programs, individual counselling and sports medicine clinics to increase exposure, knowledge and experience in sports nutrition.

My goals in sports nutrition
Olympic involvement with a corporate tier one sponsor assisting in the development and/or implementation of nutrition education programs as a spin off of involvement in the Olympics. Level one certification in kinananthropometry. Certification as a clin

My own sporting background
Competitive tennis at high school level, recreational athelete.

My favourite foods
Carbohydtates, both complex and simple!

Other things of interest about me
One of tweleve children, one set of parents. One of the few dietitians that holds registration as an RD in two countries.