Class of 2007

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Daphne Wu

City & country of residence
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

My work
I am an assistant Professor in an tertiary insitute teaching mainly nutrition related course.

My current sports nutrition practice
I'm teaching students exercise nutrition.

My goals in sports nutrition
I would like to gain more experience in contacting with athletes, increase the awareness of the importance of exercise and sports nutrition to sports active people and athletes.

My own sporting background
I used to a Taekwondo player in the university. I am still keeping the Taekwondo spirit despite the discontinue of the practice.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
I enjoy playing other sports such as hiking and playing tennis. I just like the moments with my beloved friends.

My favourite foods
Too many: nuts, cheeses, chocolates; Korean and Italian foods.

Other things of interest about me
I can speak a bit Korean and am a clarinetist in an amateur orchestra and a university orchestra.