Class of 2007

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Cara Humphrey

City & country of residence
Johannesburg, South Africa

My work
Private practice and consulting Cara Humphrey and Associates. Morningside Sports Medicine – Morningside

My current sports nutrition practice
Practice focus is: Sports nutrition (60% of private practice) School children, recreational athletes to Olympic level athletes Weight management Focus is health & lifestyle adjustment, Consulting, Assist corporate clients marketing teams with regulato

My goals in sports nutrition
• help develop a dieticians sports nutrition interest group during 2008 . • Complete a Masters degree in Sports Nutrition • Help increase the sports nutrition knowledge of other dieticians in South Africa • Help improve the awareness of the imp

My own sporting background
School – participated in most sports that were available including swimming, 1st team hockey, Horse riding ( I had my own horse for 4 years competed in showjumping and Dressage Varsity – Aerobics. Completed a Aerobics instructors certificate as well as a water Aerobics instructors certificate Current - Recreational runner, 15K’s and 21 K’s odd 32K’s. Completed 1 Marathon so far and hope to complete more.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
Supporting friends and clients at their important races always gives me great pleasure! Working with disabled athletes.

My favourite foods
Sushi, vegetarian curry, chocolate