Class of 2007

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Ina Garthe

City & country of residence
Oslo, Norway

My work
PhD student (2nd year) at The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (dept: Sports Medicine). I also work at The Norwegian Olympic Sports Centre as an Exercise Physiologist in the nutrition dept.

My current sports nutrition practice
The research for my PhD is 3 different intervention studies (RCT) on weight gain and the elite athlete, weight loss and the elite athlete and treatment for the elite athlete with one or more of the triad components. At The Olympic Sport Centre I work w

My goals in sports nutrition
To always try to do a better job with the athletes. To help the athletes who now are working hard to qualify to go to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. To have the IOC Diploma of Sports Nutrition - and know that this is the best I can get in this field.

My own sporting background
National team athlete in Kickboxing (stopped competing in 1999), gymnastics, ice hockey and dance. Now, I like to lift weights and run outside with my dog.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
There are many moments with heroes in very different levels (from my nephews little league to the Olympic games)

My favourite foods
Italian and Mexican

Other things of interest about me
Married with the best man, friend and coach (not so much coach any more as he would like) and we have a beautiful 1.5 yr old Boxer dog who just became father of 7 gorgeous puppies. If everything go as "planned", we are having twins in April/May