Class of 2007

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Hans Braun

City & country of residence
Cologne, Germany

My work
Scientific associate - Institute of Biochemistry - German Research Centre for Elite Sports - German Sport University Cologne Research projects see current work Sports nutrition consultant for the Olympic Training Center Rhineland. Working with diff

My current sports nutrition practice
Main projects at the University: - detecting nutritional status of adolescent athletes -Supplement use of adolescent athletes Preparing athletes for the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics

My goals in sports nutrition
Translation of theoretical informations (from papers and books) into practical support (which food at which time, where to buy, how to organize...) Do successful nutritional consulting to assist the athletes in their personal goals and hopefully let so

My own sporting background
As a sports student I loved to do nearly all kind of sport. More intensive I did athletics (middle distance) and football. At the moment some jogging and hiking.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
I just like sport doing myself, winter or summer, outdoor or indoor. However the Olympic Games with different kind of sports, is a great TV time for me.

My favourite foods
Asian, Italian, Mediterranean - but nearly everyday I need my afternoon piece of cake from the bakery with a fresh hot milk coffee!

Other things of interest about me
My wife Sabine and me, we have 2 boys, 4y 9m and 3y.